Community Outreach

In March 2010 we implemented a supplemental educational program for high academic achievers from low income families. Most of these children attend Pino Orozco School in Colosio Colony, San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Children between the ages of 6 and 11 receive instruction in English (4 hours a week), Music (2 hours a week) and Art (2 hours a week).  The children are divided into 2 groups. 

The main goal of this program is to expand the horizon for these children through exposure to English, Art, Music and other cultural activities.  We believe these classes will serve to help to integrate these children more fully into society and make them more knowledgeable, conscientious, and grounded individuals.  Besides these topics we also have talks covering topics such as Regional and Latin American History, Ecology, and Healthy Eating.  Once a month, there is a didactic tour, in the school van, to participate in cultural activities, such as visiting art galleries or attending music concerts. 

The initial idea was advanced by an American family, seeking to support the cultural development of the city, who, until August 2010, fully financed the tuition of 13 of the children and also contributed 3 guitars,  a music keyboard, flutes and art supplies.  Due to personal reasons, this family was no longer able to provide this financial support but Spanish in Cabo with the help of its students of Spanish has been able to carry on with the project. At the moment there are 15 children participating in the program, most of them with a full scholarship and a few with a partial one.  Contact us in case you would like to support this program.

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