1 Day program

If you are traveling to San Jose or Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico and only have one day to spare, why not join one of Spanish In Cabo’s one day language programs? Designed for all levels and ages, Spanish In Cabo is now offering one day Spanish language programs with a difference. Start your day in the classroom with one of our qualified teachers, learn about a specific topic of your choice (including relevant vocabulary and common phrases), and then go out on an adventure to practice what you’ve learnt in the real-world. 

From ordering food at a restaurant to shopping at a mall, cooking a traditional Mexican meal to meeting some of our local artists and viewing their work, Spanish In Cabo can help you to feel more confident and comfortable navigating your way through life in Mexico and abroad. So whether you’re on vacation for a week or more, live here (either seasonally or permanently), or you just want to have some fun, we guarantee you a lot of smiles and laughs as you learn and practice your Spanish in this enjoyable and interactive way. 

Please note that while most of our program operate daily, others (like the Saturday Organic Market visit), can only be done on certain days of the week for reasons beyond our control. We can arrange each class to suit your schedule and needs, so if you would like to organise a small group or to take your classes at another location (for instance at your hotel), then just contact us directly and we organize any special arrangements for you. Prices include all teaching materials, tuition fees, transportation to and from your hotel/accommodation in Los Cabos (or for your teacher to travel to you). Prices do not include item purchased while on any excursions outside of the school. We teach rain, hail or shine, so please wear appropriate clothing for your chosen course.



Course Name








Price (USD)

Let’s go Shopping 



Want to learn how to ask for your favourite shopping items in Spanish? Including the price and whether you can get a discount? Then this is the course for you. Whether you choose to go out to the mall or a local organic vegetable market, we can help you to communicate to local store owners with more confidence, while being guided by a qualified Spanish language teacher. 

Starting your day in the classroom, you’ll learn helpful vocabulary and common phrases used when shopping, including a focus on numbers, common phrases and item names. Then we’ll go out to practice at a location of your choice. Whether it be at the mall, local grocery shops, market or on the beach – It’s up to you. This course includes two hours of intensive individual Spanish class, followed by a two hour shopping excursion. Please note that any items bought during your shopping excursion are not included in the price of the course.


Four to five hours including two hours of Spanish language instruction followed by around two hours of shopping at your local shops.


Cabo San Lucas, San Jose or a location of your choice (e.g. your hotel).


Adult 1 504.04 MXN each
Kid 4-11 years 846.02 MXN each

(Price does not include the costs of any items bought on the day). 


At the Restaurant 



If you’ve ever been stuck trying to order food at a restaurant,  including reading the menu, asking the wait staff about recommended dishes, asking whether a dish contains a meat product in it, or even trying to explain a food allergy - then we can help you.

During this course, we’ll study typical local menus (including breakfast, lunch and dinner menus), common phrases and etiquette so that you’ll have all the vocabulary and knowledge to be able order a meal politely and the confidence to interact with the wait staff.  You learn things like how to ask about a dish (including how spicy a dish is or whether it contains wheat or cilantro), how to order a round of drinks, how to ask for your favourite dish, how to ask for the check, how to ask whether a venue accepts credit card or just cash, plus more.

After class we’ll head out to a restaurant to practice your newly acquired Spanish vocabulary under the guidance of your Spanish teacher. Here you’ll interact with wait staff, ask questions about the food and drinks you are interested in and most of all, have fun while practicing your Spanish. 

We have a number of restaurants that we recommend but if you have a place in mind just let us know and we can arrange to take you there. Please let us know if you are following a certain diet (i.e. vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, omnivore or pure carnivore), or if you have a food allergy so that we can tailor your lessons and restaurant recommendations to your needs. 

This course includes two hours of intensive individual Spanish class, followed by a two hour restaurant excursion. The price includes up to usd 20 of the restaurant final bill. 


4-5 hours total, including 2 hours of Spanish class and around 2 hours at the restaurant. 


Cabo San Lucas, San Jose or a location of your choice (e.g. your hotel).


Adult 1 880.05 MXN each
kid 4-11 years 1 692.05 MXN each

The price includes 4 teacher hours, transportation to and from the restaurant, and up to usd 20 of the restaurant final bill.


Cooking at Home 

(every Friday from 10AM to 2PM)

Private Spanish & cooking class any day of the week


Food is the center of our lives here at Spanish In Cabo and the staff and students often enjoy a shared cooked meal together. Why not join us? This course is designed for food lovers, so if you want to learn more about local Mexican and Latin American food (including how to prepare you’re your favourite dish), then this course is for you.

Begin your day learning about the importance of food in Mexican and Latin American culture. Study how to read a recipe, for example a clove of garlic is called adiente de ajo, or "tooth of garlic" in Spanish. We’ll run through common kitchen and household item names (and uses), common ingredients and how to give cooking instructions in Spanish. Then we’ll move to our fully functioning kitchen to cook a meal together, including a starter, main and desert.

After we’ve finished cooking we’ll sit down and enjoy our meal together outdoors (weather permitting), with some local refreshments to compliment the meal. Please let us know if you have any food allergies or if you don’t like the taste of particular ingredients (e.g. cilantro). We want you to enjoy the meal as much as the lesson.

This course includes two hours of Spanish language class followed by two hours of cooking class time. All food and non-alcoholic beverages are included in the price, plus one wine or beer and a shot of tequila (for those over the legal drinking age). Any extra alcoholic beverages can be purchased at the corner store opposite the school.

If you want a private cooking class at school ar at your location you can either select three recipes from our menu, or if you have a particular dish you’d like to learn how to cook then just let us know and we can arrange to prepare it. 




Spanish In Cabo’s San Jose school every Friday from 10AM to noon Spanish class and noon to 2PM cooing class itself.

Private Spanish & cooking class at San Jose school or at your place


Fridays group class:


Friday Class&Cooking adult 1 128.03 MXN each
Friday Class&Cooking kid 4-11 years 940.03 MXN each
Friday Cooking alone adult 526.41 MXN each
Friday Cooking alone kid 4-11 years 300.81 MXN each

Private class:

5 to 8 pm Cooking Class adult 1 504.04 MXN each
5 to 8 pm Cooking Class kid 4-11 years 846.02 MXN each

You can opt to have the 4 hours of just cooking class. The price includes four teacher hours, all food and non-alcoholic beverages, a glass of wine or beer and a tequila shot or a margarita.


San Jose Organic Farmers Market 

(every Saturday morning from November to May)


San Jose del Cabo’s Organic Farmer’s Market strives to create a place where local products and art can be available to and supplied by a multicultural community. Besides promoting local organic agriculture, arts and crafts, music and educational resources, this organic market promotes and emphasizes the importance of low impact ecological/sustainable packaging, recycling, and producer-buyer awareness, all of which not only educate but improve the quality of life for everyone in the community.

We here at Spanish In Cabo are excited to offer our students a great opportunity to combine a Spanish class with a field trip to our local Organic Farmer’s Market in San Jose. Similar to our one day shopping course (Let’s Go Shopping), you’ll start your day leaning basic vocabulary and common phrases, like how to ask about an item (i.e. what an item contains, what an item can be used for etc.), what the price is, whether there’s a promotion and where it was made etc. Then, after class we’ll go together to the Organic Farmer’s Market to practice your Spanish with a wide variety of goods and services vendors. We have run this course with students in the past and we always have a lot of fun interacting with the locals. We’ll help you to make any purchases or enquiries you have while guiding you through the market so you don’t miss out on anything.  

The price includes 4 teacher hours and transportation from the school to the market and return and one snack and drink at the market.  


4 hours total - 1.5 hour in class and 2.5 hours at the organic market. 


San Jose Saturdays 9am to 1pm


Adult 1 504.04 MXN each
Kid 4-11 years 846.02 MXN each


San Jose Art Walk

(every Thursday evening from November to June)


San Jose del Cabos is teeming with so many talented local artists that you might feel genuinely overwhelmed by the seemingly endless number of galleries to explore. To combat this, every Thursday evening 5PM to 9PM during the high season (November to June) 16 certified galleries located in San Jose's Art District (Obregon, Morelos, Guerrero and Comonfort streets), open their doors to visitors to showcase their artworks. This event is known as the San Jose Art Walk. This event attracts a lot of local and international art enthusiasts alike due to the high quality of art set in a wonderfully sophisticated environment. 

We here at Spanish In Cabo think it’s best for students and visitors to enjoy the San Jose Art Walk with a guide. Then you’ll not only see high quality paintings, sculptures, jewellery, intricate Huichol beadwork, amber and local handicrafts; but you’ll understand the meaning behind each piece, while learning about the evolution of Mexican art and culture with a local. 

We’ll also use this opportunity to, of course, practice and improve our Spanish vocabulary in a relaxing setting, strolling from gallery to gallery, asking questions to the curators and sometimes even the artist themselves about their work. So why not come along with us and enjoy a lovely evening learning more about Mexican art and culture? You will get a chance to practice your Spanish with a teacher close by to support you. 

Please note that the San Jose Art Walk member galleries include: La Dolce Art, La Sacristia, Patricia Mendoza Gallery, Corsica, Bruno Pegoretti, Mata Ortiz, Dharmesh Anand, Casa Dalhia, El Armario, Muvezi, Ivan Guadarrama, Old Town, Ida Victoria, Intagrafia, Plaza Paulina and Frank Arnold. If you have another gallery that you’d like to visit, just let us know and we can arrange to make a detour to suit your interests.


3 hours from 5.30PM to 8.30PM every Thursday night. 

Students meet at the San Jose school.




Adult 1 128.03 MXN each
Kid 4-11 years 752.02 MXN each

Price includes 3 teacher hours, transportation from the school to the Art Walk and return


Art and Craft 

(every Tuesday and Thursday in Cabo San Lucas)


Looking for some afternoon fun with (or without) the kids that’ll keep both adults and ninos entertained? Our arts and crafts teachers can help you to create your very own Catrina doll while learning some basic Spanish vocabulary.  What are traditional Catrina dolls? You probably know about “The Day of the Dead” celebrations in Mexico which celebrates the deaths of ancestors. The festivities, which arguably date back 2,500-3000 years ago, were dedicated to the goddess known as the "Lady of the Dead", which corresponds to the modern La Calavera Catrina. 

José Guadalupe Posada created a famous print of a figure he called La Calavera Catrina ("The Elegant Skull") as a parody of a Mexican upper-class female. Posada's striking image of a costumed female with a skeleton face has become associated with the Day of the Dead, and Catrina figures and dolls often are a prominent part of modern Day of the Dead observances.

So come along and learn about Mexican art history and culture while making your very own Catrina doll to take home with you. You’ll hear all instructions in Spanish and our teacher will guide you through relevant vocabulary and phrases used in a classroom setting. 


Two hours


Cabo San Lucas School every Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1.30PM to 3.30PM.


Art&Craft 752.02 MXN each

Price includes all arts and crafts materials plus unlimited tea, coffee and water refreshments.


Gourmet Tasting Tour

(every Monday in Cabo San Lucas and Wednesday in San Jose)


If you’re a food lover and want to sample some of the most delicious culinary delights Cabo San Lucas or San Jose have to offer then why not join our Gourmet Tasting Tour? This is a great excuse to get out, learn more about your local town, eat, and practice your Spanish. 

This unique tour will take you on an adventure to four different local gourmet restaurants where we’ll get to sample some of the best traditional foods and drinks of Mexico. You’ll learn useful Spanish vocabulary and phrases in a very practical way by reading menus, interacting with wait staff, asking questions about different dishes, ordering a meal, asking for the location of the restrooms, requesting the bill – All under the guidance of one of our qualified teachers to help you feel more confident when speaking Spanish. 

This tour is an enjoyable way to learn about different traditional foods of Mexico and we can tailor the trip to suit every tastebud. So if you’re following a certain diet or want to try a specific style of Mexican food (e.g. traditional food from Veracruz, Oaxaca, Maya etc.), then simply let us know. Being “foodies” ourselves, we have an extensive knowledge of the best and tastiest restaurants in Los Cabos and we guarantee you a lot of fun and laughs as we eat our way through town.

Price includes:

3.5 teacher hours, transportation from the chosen school and return, 4 food tastings and 4 drinks.


3.5 hours


Cabo San Lucas on Mondays and San Jose on Wednesdays from 10.30AM to 2PM.


Gourmet Tasting Tour 2 444.07 MXN each

Price includes 3.5 teacher hours, transportation from the chosen school and return, 4 food tastings and 4 drinks.


Salsa and Spanish (daily)


If you want to learn how to Salsa like a professional while increasing your Spanish vocabulary with a professional instructor then this is the course for you! Salsa is a dance for Salsa music created by Spanish-speaking people from the Caribbean. It mixes African and European dance influences through the music and dance fusions that are the roots of Salsa.   

Our Salsa instructor is a professional dancer and a wonderful (and very entertaining) teacher. You’ll start your day in the classroom learning about the social and cultural significance of different dances in Latin American, plus some basic vocabulary and phrases commonly used when going out to dance bars, as well as the names for different parts of the body. Then we’ll move into a larger space so that we can get up and learn the basic steps together. You’ll hear all of the instructions in Spanish, and you’re encouraged to ask questions back in Spanish to practice what you learnt in class.

Although Salsa is normally a lead & follow (freestyle) partner dance, you don’t need a partner to join in this class. Just come along as a couple or solo and have some fun moving your body to the rhythm. We guarantee you a lot of laughs and fun. Practice with us and surprise your friends.

The price includes 3 teacher hours.


1.5 hour in a class and 1.5 hours dancing.


San Jose or Cabo


Adult 1 128.03 MXN each
Kid 4-11 years 940.03 MXN each