Spanish in Cabo was very helpful and enjoyable. Eduardo was a good instructor and kept the classes interesting. I learned many practical items that will help me function better in Cabo. I recommend the classes. 


Dés mon premier jour je ne me suis sentis trés acceullis. Tous les professeurs ici sont super sympas, on s’amuse bien, on mange bien et on boit plein de jus de fruit. Les cours sont intéressant et on se fait jamais chier. Mon mois de cours ici á Spanish in Cabo est passé trés vite et mon espagnol s’est amélioré trés vite aussi. Merci Spanish in Cabo!


Ik doe de spanish immersion omdat ik snel spaars will leren. Aangezien ik in totaal 4 maanden in México ben heb ik 4 dagen per week les, in totaal 16 uur per week. Dit is vrÿ intensief. Gelukkig zÿn de leraren flexibel, dat is wat ik erg waardeer. 


Spanish in Cabo gave us excellent personalized instruction. Malena took us out situations (to a bookstore, a food market…) just we were able to practice what we had just learned. In just 5 days of immersion, our comfort with conversing in Spanish has improved dramatically. 


I am a middle school English teacher that holds a Master in Education specializing in ESL. Throughout the USA, there has been a large influx of Spanish-speaking immigrants. I have recently committed myself to learning Spanish in order to better serve my newcomer immigrant population. Learning Spanish through computer programs or at a community college was not enough, so I came to Cabo to take classes at Spanish in Cabo.

There is no quicker or better way to learn a language than through complete immersion and this school helped me advance my Spanish both swiftly and effectively. I can now hold simple conversations, have more-than-adequate survival Spanish as well as a good linguistic foundation.

I plan to continue my studies with SpanishinCabo.com online. The school’s owners, Eduardo and Malena from Uruguay, are two highly professional, dedicated teachers. They are both extremely educated, charming and worldly and brought to my lessons a level of sophistication I had not anticipated. In sum, the school is a delight and I would recommend it to anybody that really wants to learn Spanish and experience Los Cabos with its gorgeous climate, people, landscape and food. ¡Todo bien!


I signed up for 4 weeks of intensive study with the teachers at Spanish in Cabo this winter, not knowing really what to expect. However, I was hopeful that I would leave with some sense of progress and accomplishment.

I had studied a book and CD course for a few months prior to committing to this exercise, but felt that I needed some intense training and language exposure to get me to a level of any meaningful understanding. From the start, I encountered a real sense of commitment to me as a student who truly wanted to learn... one who was willing to put in some real effort. The director, Eduardo, gave a relatively quick test of my aural comprehension and decided to set a very high goal for me. Even though I had only studied a bit on my own before coming and ony had 4 weeks available for study, he wanted me to complete a second level course that would normally take about 12weeks.

The entire team at Spanish in Cabo seemed committed to making sure that I could achieve this goal. Their commitment to my success and their flexibility inspired me. I was given private sessions that often wore me out, but my teachers never seemed to tire. Even though I had "real work" to do while in Cabo and had a number of scheduling challenging, my teachers were willing and able to adjust my daily 3hr sessions to fit my constraints. They also invited me to attend some of the group classes for more opportunities to study, hear and speak the language. At the end, I was surprised when I learned that I was actually expected to take a comprehensive formal exam that was required to determine whether I had truly learned Spanish to the level intended by the course material. The exam took a good bit of time to complete and 45mins to be graded.

I was happily surprised to find out that I had passed at a high standard... and excited that I had done so after only 4weeks of our joint efforts. Eduardo asked me to write some comments about my learning experience... I was surprised that he wanted these comments in English, but it makes sense that any of you considering studying Spanish in Cabo might not yet be ready to read my newly learned Spanish! 


We were very pleased to discover “Spanish in Cabo”. We found this school on the internet and were impressed with their prompt and comprehensive replies to all our e-mail questions. The teachers made us feel very comfortable as we progressed at our own pace, whist leaving new skills and gaining confidence daily. We enjoyed the trips out of the classroom to the neighborhood, market, and restaurant. We found we were much more confident when speaking to the local people, and we intend to come back and continue our studies in the future. We recommend this school and teacher very highly. 


Spanish in Cabo is a great place to refine your Spanish speaking abilities to construct sentences and think in a style of a native speaker.


Spanish in Cabo is an enriching experience and a great place to learn more about the Spanish language and its culture.


“Spanish in Cabo” will take you from studying Spanish to thinking and speaking Spanish. What more could you want? Gracias a Malena, Eduardo y Jorge.


“Cabo is very lucky to have two excellent, experienced multilingual Spanish teachers; their school is now open. Malena gave me a super crash course this week in traveller’s Spanish. She made even the verbs come alive with her animated, intelligent and thoughtful style of learning. It’s easy; it’s fun; it’s not expensive. It’s something I always wanted to start. I shall certainly return to Malena and Eduardo for more as soon as possible.”


We started with Spanish in Cabo at its opening in the 3 times a week beginners class. Our instructors are all professionals in other areas in addition to teaching. The school is unusually flexible in terms of schedules, subjects of interest to students, location of classes and ability of instructors to relate personally to their students. We all arrived with varying degrees of early learning of Spanish but every lesson has been applicable to all of us.  The tuition is cheap at twice the price. We have all made new friends and most importantly, real progress in our abilities to communicate in our newest language. They are experts at keeping aging brains form turning to mush.


"I was so excited to learn of the new Spanish in Cabo school in San Jose. My Spanish had been stalled for years at the intermediate level and after several hours of instruction, I feel that I'm finally moving towards fluency. Eduardo and his staff offer years of teaching experience from Mexico and Uruguay and offer students a casual, integrated approach to learning. Even more important, they make it fun without being childish (I've had to play lots of silly games in other classes), and challenging without being intimidating. That's a tough balance, but they manage it with ease. I look forward to continuing my studies, even when I'm in the U.S. and can do it through their virtual classroom." 


I have lived in Cabo for 3 years and I have to admit, at first I was a bit apprehensive to learn a different language. I must say since becoming a student at Spanish in Cabo, I feel amazing! I am finally integrating with the people, by being able to communicate and understand the language. I finally feel included in the bigger picture and at one with my surroundings. I realize now that the feeling of becoming a part of something is greater than the fear of learning something new. 

Malena and Eduardo are two very kind, loving and patient people, who have the knowledge on how to adapt to their students needs and the very different ways in which we all learn with their vast combined experiences. Sometimes because of the craziness in life, it is hard to make time for the things that may truly lift us up, but the institute offers so many different options.

They offer private home classes, group classes, on-line courses and more. It is impossible not to find a way that will suit any student. The institute itself has a very warm and homey atmosphere which makes you feel at ease. They have a student library with books and movies and offer cultural cooking classes as well as trips to other cities. They go the extra mile and take the extra care so each of the students has a great learning experience. They want us to succeed! I would recommend Spanish in Cabo to anyone who wants to open their mind, expand their  horizons and truly merge in the culture in which they live. Gracias, Eduardo, Malena, and my two other teachers Jorge and Carlos, you have all been truly fantastic!


The personalized style of teaching really makes the learning process fast and fun.


I enjoy the small classes and great teachers!


As an adult without previous language experience, the thought of learning Spanish seemed overwhelming.  Malena and Eduardo have assembled an excellent team of instructors and a curriculum that makes learning Spanish easy and fun!  After a very short time, I am already able to accomplish daily activities and hold basic conversations in Spanish! Thank you “Spanish in Cabo” for helping me to experience the beauty of the Mexican culture and its people through the language. It has opened the doors to a whole new world!


Muchas, muchas gracias. 

I appreciate your fine teaching, your patience and your humor. Next year I hope to return to school at Spanish in Cabo, Susan Speicher (Palmilla SJC ' California).