About Cabo

“Los Cabos” is at the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula. It is a “town” with three highly differentiated areas, two towns “Cabo San Lucas” and “San José del Cabo” and a “Tourist Corridor” of 30 km that connects both towns. San Jose del Cabo is quieter and has more Mexican flavor than Cabo San Lucas. It is the priciest destination in Mexico but it is also one of the most popular among Americans for its golf courses, recognized restaurants, sport fishing, whale-watching (December – March), scuba diving and other sea activities and also for its luxurious resorts where you can relax.

Something remarkable about Cabo is the combination of desert, mountains and sea. Although in Cabo itself most of the beaches have no access to the public the ones that do have are fantastic with limpid water and a vast sea life. Although English is commonly spoken in Los Cabos, locals appreciate visitors' efforts to speak their language. You will find helpful the fact that you may practice your Spanish with the locals but at the same time most of the population speak or try to speak English so you may get help if you feel lost. Most of our students have beginner or intermediate level so this may be helpful.

To eat in Cabo could be an international experience, ranging from French to Thai to Argentinean restaurants and of course all kind of Mexican places to eat. You can choose from high-end restaurants that you can perfectly find in New York or Paris to cheap family places where you can taste Mexican food from nearly all the different states. If a poor-looking restaurant or “taquería” is full of locals it means it is cheap and great so why not try it.

You can find more information about tours and restaurants at “The Gringo Gazette” or its web page www.gringogazette.com Time Zone: 7 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (-7 GMT). Daylight Saving Time is observed from the first Sunday in April until the last Sunday in October.

Voltage Requirements: 110 volts. Telephone Codes: + 52 country code for Mexico and 624 area code for Los Cabos. If calling a cell phone from abroad dial + 521 624. If calling a fixed number from another city in Mexico dial 01624 and if calling a cell phone from another Mexican town dial 045 624.

Weather : It is sunny nearly all year round (345 days a year) being the average temperature 78 F/25 C year-round.

Accommodations: You will find all different kind of accommodations from luxurious manors to rent or resorts, to cheap downtown hotels. If you prefer to live with a family or to rent a flat or a house it can also be arranged to live alone or to share the place with another “Spanish in Cabo” student or students.